D&G DD6078

The DD6078 D&G sunglasses are a chic aviator design with many versions incorporating a pop of colour in the typically vibrant D&G style! The design is unisex and features a slim metal frame with an accentuated, thick and often coloured top bar. The arms are wider than that of the frame, which provides a contemporary edge to the classic style and the D&G logo is displayed on the interior section of the ear stem tips in addition to upon the hinge. The lenses are teardrop shaped and this is a style that suits and compliments a number of different face shapes. The DD6078 D&G sunglasses are available in tones including a silver frame with a red top bar, red arms and black lenses, and a gold frame with a black shell top bar, black shell arms and crystal green lenses to name just two options. The aviator design is a classic style of sunglasses and the DD6078 design is a modern adaptation that creatively fuses statement style with sophistication.

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