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Frame: Translucent beige and brown cats eye style with silver hinges
Lens: Graduated brown
About this brand

D&G DD3079

A chic, feminine and striking pair of D&G cat-eye inspired sunglasses for ladies, this style is perfect if you favour the cat-eye look but still want your sunglasses to be versatile and with a timelessly fashionable appeal. This design features an acetate frame that draws to a flick at the upper outer corners and also incorporates dual metal stud detailing upon the temple sections. The frame features defined surface edges, infusing a modern twist to the cat-eye style. The streamlined arms display the D&G logo upon a sleek metal panel and curve at the ear stems. The DD3079 sunglasses are available in colours including a dark Havana brown frame with silver panel detailing and brown lenses and for a lighter in tone option, a translucent beige and brown frame with silver panel detailing and graduated brown lenses. The DD3079 D&G sunglasses are a fantastic choice if you like your personal style to exude a sophisticated and elegant finish.

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