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Frame: Orange with white insides
Lens: Blue mirrored
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D&G DD3073

A vibrant, sporty and striking pair of D&G sunglasses for men, the DD3073 design is an oversized aviator style and is the perfect way to add instant impact to your look! The sunglasses feature an oversized frame with a filled bridge section to accentuate the sporty tone of the sunglasses. The arms begin from the top of the frame corners, narrow at the centre and the D&G logo is displayed in silver metal lettering adjacent to the hinge section. The DD3073 collection uses vibrant colour as a key aesthetic feature with examples including an azure blue frame with a yellow interior and blue-mirrored lenses and an orange frame with a white interior and blue-mirrored lenses to name just two options. If you are seeking a cool, trendy and sporty pair of D&G sunglasses then the DD3073 style ticks all the right boxes and also boasts versatility.

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