D&G DD3059

A contemporary pair of D&G sunglasses that perfectly fuse high fashion with sporty. The DD3059 design looks equally fantastic on both men and women and can be described as a sporty and oversized version of an aviator inspired style. The DD3059 sunglasses feature a thick frame and the bridge section is entirely filled which adds depth and definition to the overall shape. Within the DD3059 collection, the frame is often two-toned and the D&G brand logo is demurely displayed adjacent to the hinge. The arms are wider at the hinge section and then become slim and streamlined, curving at the ear stem and also display the D&G logo on the ear stem interior. This statement and chic style is available in colours including a black frame with clear detailing and graduated grey lenses, or for something more colourful, a white frame with a clear green interior and graduated grey lenses to name just two options. Modern, unique and effortlessly stylish in the true D&G style!

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