Coeur De Lion Necklaces

The Coeur De Lion necklace collection is perfect for any lady who likes to infuse bold yet sophisticated colour into her look. Many of the stunning Coeur De Lion necklaces feature cube-shaped beads, which are made of solid coloured tiger's eye and also boast striking Swarovski and steel elements. This unique fusion of materials makes each Coeur De Lion necklace dynamic and statement yet also versatile. The prominent colour themes include gold, amber and black and blue, green white and silver with some necklaces featuring multi-coloured finishes. The incorporation of glass spacers also adds a sense of elegance. For an alternative necklace style, some designs are made of gold plated stainless steel, with black and gold being the prominent colours. Other materials seen throughout the Coeur De Lion necklace collection include rhinestone, glass, brass and rhodium plated metal. Coeur De Lion necklaces are a superb combination of boho chic with a modern edge and truly enable you to add instant style appeal and vibrancy to your everyday look.

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