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Frame: Translucent brown with clear and brown scaled arms and the Chanel logo
Lens: Graduated brown
About this brand

Chanel CH5214

An ultra modern pair of Chanel sunglasses, the CH5214 design features a thick, rectangular acetate frame that becomes wider as it progresses outwards from the centre. The arms provide the striking aesthetic element of the style; with designs featuring a clear and black scaled patterned finish, or a dark brown and light brown scaled patterned finish, infusing a contemporary twist to the sunglasses. The iconic intertwining double ‘C’ Chanel logo is displayed upon the tapered arms adjacent to the hinge and the style is available with graduated grey or brown lenses, depending on the CH5214 version you choose. These are a fantastic pair of sunglasses to opt for if you are seeking a design that conveys the classic Chanel elegance and sophistication, but that also boasts an overstated and striking twist, and will add a unique touch of chic to your look!

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