Chanel CH5206

The CH5206 is one of Chanel’s more sports inspired styles of sunglasses and can be described as a chic oversized aviator but with the exquisite and luxurious Chanel touch! The oversized frame boasts beautifully curved contours and the design features an accentuated bridge section, infusing a casual and sporty edge to the style. The arms are elegantly elongated, curve at the ear stem and also display the iconic intertwining double ‘C’ Chanel logo adjacent to the hinge. The logo varies in colour depending on the frame tone. Vibrant colour is also a prominent feature within the CH5206 collection with versions available in striking tones such as a blue frame with black arms and a Havana frame with Havana arms. Classic black is also in the offering for a more neutral option. The CH5206 Chanel sunglasses are perfect if you prefer a sports luxe inspired pair of sunglasses but with a glamorous and feminine edge!

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