Chanel CH5203

A contemporary and striking pair of Chanel sunglasses, the CH5203 design boasts a unique and timelessly chic quality whilst also being the perfect statement accessory. Featuring a thick frame, the upper outer frame edges are slightly thicker and angled, therefore creating a sultry cat-eye and winged effect. The frame is also flat on the outer horizontal edge, which infuses a dynamic and modern finish to the overall shape. The tapered arms begin from the top corners of the frame and display the iconic intertwining double C Chanel logo adjacent to the hinge. The colours within the CH5203 collection vary, with many designs featuring spring inspired and vibrant frame colours for a fresh and chic finish to the bold style. Classic black is also in the offering for something more neutral. A visually alluring and unique pair of Chanel sunglasses that achieve of the perfect balance of being versatile and exquisitely statement!

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