Chanel CH5199

A contemporary and ultra stylish pair of Chanel sunglasses, the CH5199 design is versatile and possesses a timelessly sophisticated quality whilst also being statement and striking. Featuring a thick frame, the upper outer frame edges are slightly thicker and angled, therefore creating a hint of a sultry cat-eye and winged effect. The wide arms are elegantly tapered and covered in leather, emphasising the exquisite style of the sunglasses and providing a modern edge. The arms also boast the quilted style Chanel textured finish and the iconic intertwining double ‘C’ Chanel logo is displayed upon the hinge. The colours within the CH5199 collection vary, ranging from a black frame with brown leather arms and graduated brown lenses, to a white frame with black leather arms and graduated grey lenses. Other colour variations are also available. A beautifully elegant pair of Chanel sunglasses that achieve of the perfect balance of versatile but luxuriously statement!

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