Chanel CH5190

The Chanel CH5190 sunglasses are an ultra feminine and striking design that will add the perfect finishing touch to your look. This model features a plastic frame, which is slightly thicker at the outer vertical edges and draws to a point at the upper exterior edges, creating a chic cat-eye effect. The arms are slim and streamlined, curving downwards at the ear stems. The prominent and striking aesthetic feature on these sunglasses is positioned upon the hinge whereby we see two coloured circular discs. The largest disc displays the iconic double ‘C’ intertwining Chanel logo. The tones of the CH5190 style vary with examples including a black frame with red and silver hinge detailing and graduated grey lenses, and a brown Horn frame with grey and silver hinge detailing and graduated brown lenses. An alluring and super glamorous design that will see you top of the style ranks!

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