Chanel CH4185

Chanel’s elegant take on the classic aviator, this is a timelessly stylish and universally flattering design that will instantly infuse a chic edge to every look. The CH4185 Chanel sunglasses feature a sleek metal frame with a beautifully curved top bar to accentuate the feminine tone of the style. The arms are slightly thicker than the frame and feature a textured section, ear socks and also subtly display the iconic intertwining double ‘C’ Chanel logo upon the hinge. The CH4185 Chanel sunglasses are available in tones including a silver frame with textured charcoal toned arms, black ear socks and violet lenses for a creative pop of colour, and a pale gold frame with textured pale gold arms, white ear socks and gold lenses. The ultimate go-to sunglasses that will add the perfect finishing touch to every outfit!

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