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Frame: Tortoise shell frame with gem studded hinge and tortoise shell arms
Lens: Brown
About this brand


A vibrant and incredibly glamorous pair of BVLGARI sunglasses for women, the BV8079B style is the perfect representation of elegance and femininity. The frame is predominantly square shaped but with rounded edges adjacent to the bridge section. The frame also becomes wider at the vertical exterior sections, adding subtle but effective definition to the design. Though the shape can be described as oversized, this style is slightly smaller than typical oversized sunglasses, making it idea for smaller face shapes, or if you prefer a less bold finish. The sweeping and subtly tapered arms are the focal point of the sunglasses, specifically upon the temple where there is a stunning gemstone that varies in tone depending on the frame colour you choose. Colour is a prominent aesthetic feature within the BV8079B collection with examples including a textured beige frame with a purple gemstone, purple arms and graduated violet lenses, and a black frame with a green gemstone and graduated grey lenses to name just two options. An ultra chic and ornate pair of BVLGARI sunglasses that will add an exquisite finishing touch to every look.

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