A striking, exquisite and glamorous pair of BVLGARI sunglasses for ladies, the ultra alluring BV8069B design features an oversized frame whereby the outer frame edges are very subtly wider than the remainder of the frame, infusing added depth and definition to the style. The bridge section is positioned just above the centre and the arms are beautifully straight and streamlined, curving at the ear stems. The arms also boast stunning ornate hinge detailing; including a larger central gemstone and two smaller gems positioned either side. The colours of the gemstones differ depending on the specific style you opt for. The BVLGARI logo is displayed adjacent to the hinge. The BV8069B design is available in colour options including a black frame with red and green gemstones and graduated grey lenses, and a tortoiseshell patterned frame with red and blue gemstones and graduated brown lenses. The perfect style to make every lady feel glamorous elegant and timelessly chic!

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