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Style Update - Prescription sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2014

Not just a fashion accessory any more, prescription sunglasses are one of the most important things to help glasses wearers truly enjoy the summer sunshine. Strengths can be easily altered here at Shade Station, as the needs of...

Serengeti Sunglasses: A Clear Transition

For sunglasses that keep their cool in the hottest temperatures, it has to be the Serengeti range of sunglasses as they've ruled the roost of transitional and photochromic eyewear for almost 30 years. They're both edgy and...

Two out of three…..brilliance from Bubba

Oakley Sunglasses athlete; Bubba Watson from Bagdad, Florida has answered his critics by winning his second US Masters in the past three years.  Many believe luck comes into play when a player wins his first major tournament...

Style Update
Style update
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Those first tentative rays of sunshine are on their way, so make a lasting impression early with our tantalising array of sunglasses, watches and prescription glasses. Available at Shade Station this spring, we have on offer a variety of old favourites, cool bestsellers and stunning new models of sunglasses/prescription glasses from Oakley, Ray-Ban, Chanel, Tom Ford, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, BVLGARI and Michael Kors; smart watches are coming from Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Fossil, Hugo Boss and the new Caravelle range.